Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcom Barret & Hayes

I had one small false alarm around 36 weeks, but the babies held out until 38 weeks for their scheduled C-section. We went to St. Luke's Hospital on Tuesday August 21st to have our new babies. I suspect I was having some contractions that morning, but since they were coming out either way it really didn't matter. It was exciting to finally find out what we were having. I was sure they were going to be the same gender since they had been tracking on weight so evenly.  The doctor announced the first baby to be a boy and 2 minutes later out came our girl. Everything went very smoothly in the operating room. Barret Dennis Kreitler weigned 6 lbs 2 ozs, 19 inches long and Hayes Theresa was 6 lbs 3 ozs 19.5 inches long. Clearly Barret took his Daddy's name as his middle name. Hayes middle name is in honor of my Aunt Theresa who really was like my second mom growing up. I think I spent half of my childhood at her house. She is a great lady and all the grandkids really take to her. She has a special quality relating to kids.

The following pictures were taken at the hospital when they were three days old.

 My pretty little lady...

End of Summer

We had a few more fun events before the babies were due to arrive. We took the kids to the circus. Broden and Kyrah loved it. Broden still talks about going to the Circus to see the "pretty girls do their tricks." Kyrah won the coloring contest and she remembers that well. Of course she was selected out of all the kids that entered and she did have a great picture.

 We also went to the Perryville Mayfest. The kids would cost me a fortune if they got to ride as many times as they wanted. They would spend all day there.

 I wanna go fast Daddy!
 A local church also held a kids day and they got to ride a pony.

 Hanging out watching a movie
 Finally we wrapped up the summer at Grant's Farm, feeding the goats.

First Family Vacation - June 2012

We took our first official family vacation to Gaitlynberg, TN. Leslie and Brian were getting married there and the kids were in the wedding. It was a very beautiful spot and we stayed in log cabins.  It was fun because a lot of the families stayed togeher, so we had a cabin that slept 14 or so.  

 The beautiful wedding pics.

 Broden and Chase!

 A true family picture even with the babies growing in my belly.
 The kids did amazing! It was a very hot day, but they took all the pictures and walked down the isle correctly! I was extremely impressed with how well they did.

 The wedding party.
 The Kreitler men goofing off.
 Views from the third floor of our cabin. It had a hot tub on the deck or as the kids called it the "tiny pool".  They didn't care that it was 99degrees out and were in a 100degree hot tub. They still thought it was the coolest thing to have it right off the deck.

 Hanging out on the deck.
 The trip was good, but we had to come back early. The kids were just not clicking with being away from home. Every night the cried to be in their home. We did go to the aquiram one day which they loved. It was very interactive and they met a mermaid.

 We also did a horse ride where Kyrah and Broden got to ride the horse on their own.  Since I was 8 months pregnant, I stayed back at the ranch.
 The petting zoo was pretty neat. Raya and Broden each picked out a goat they thought needed to come home with us.

 Broc feeding the deer
 They really enjoyed the petting zoo, up to the point when the minature horse bit Kyrah's finger. 
 "Give me some food for the zebra Broc!"
It will be a few more years until we take another family vacation. Next time may have to be a Disney vacation.